Training Your Employees

3 Great Reasons To Wear A Watch

Most people nowadays keep track of the time by checking their cellphone. Despite the fact 95% of Americans have a cellphone, there are some of them who prefer to keep track of time by wearing a watch. Besides knowing what time it is, however, there are other reasons to wear this handy device around your wrist. Here are three great reasons to wear a watch.  1. You Don't Like Carrying Your Phone Around Read More 

3 Places That You Can Get Temp Work As A Lifeguard

If you're trained as a lifeguard, you'll appreciate several things about working in this role. Being around active people can always be encouraging, and whether you're working indoors or outdoors, knowing that your presence can improve peoples' safety and even save lives can help you to feel satisfied at the end of every shift. Lifeguards can often benefit from working in a variety of locations, so it's worthwhile to contact a number of organizations in your community to assess their needs for temporary employees. Read More 

Signs Your Business’s Water Supply Needs to Be Tested

Every business uses water for drinking, washing, and other purposes. When your water supply is tainted or otherwise undrinkable, you put your equipment, employees, and clients at risk. Tainted water leaves debris in the machinery you wash, leading to faster machinery wear down, and it can make people sick and spread disease, which causes people to take time off work and cause a halt or slowdown in production. Your company's reputation can also be affected by poor water supply if word gets out you're operating with water that is not up to safety standards. Read More 

Why Old Computer Systems Are Often Better

Backwards compatibility mean when computer operating systems or computer software seems to work together in perfect harmony, even if one system is different or slightly older. In fact, quite often old computer systems and software are better than their modern counterparts. Here is why. ​Z/OS Multi Factor Authentication Software How you go about authenticating anyone or anything in business anymore is important. Not all authentication software is created equal either. Many modern programs have major bugs, even after they have been cleared for release and sale to companies. Read More 

Sewing Machine Getting Old? 3 Problems You May Have With It

If your sewing machine is getting old you may start having more problems with it and this can be frustrating. To help you below are three of these problems, as well as tips on dealing with them. You can then get the issues taken care of, so you can start sewing again. Problem with Needles If you are having problems with broken or damaged needles this is dangerous for you. First, make sure your needle is in good condition. Read More