Signs Your Business’s Water Supply Needs to Be Tested

Every business uses water for drinking, washing, and other purposes. When your water supply is tainted or otherwise undrinkable, you put your equipment, employees, and clients at risk. Tainted water leaves debris in the machinery you wash, leading to faster machinery wear down, and it can make people sick and spread disease, which causes people to take time off work and cause a halt or slowdown in production.

Your company's reputation can also be affected by poor water supply if word gets out you're operating with water that is not up to safety standards. You can have your drinking water system repaired when issues are found, and you can also do your part to keep your water supply safe by having your water periodically tested by a company that offers drinking water system services. Here are signs your business's water supply needs to be tested.

You've had a recent flood

A flood inside your business can be caused by broken or leaking pipes. If a flood was caused internally, then you should have your water supply tested as part of the cleanup process to ensure that your drinking water supply is safe for use and consumption.

There's been a water supply warning in your area

Sometimes the city municipality responsible for your business's clean water supply is compromised. A tank can wear out or filtration systems can get clogged. You can check your city ordinance for any warnings of water supply and water contamination in your area. If a warning has been issued, no matter how minor. have your water supply tested to make sure your drinking water supply is not affected.

You have sediment in your water supply

Old pipes, a failing water heater, and other issues can cause sediment and debris to get inside your company's drinking water. Or, your water can look dirty and yellow, light red, or even brown when you first turn the water supply on. When you have sediment in your water, you may even be able to taste a metallic or mud tinge in your water or smell a sulfurous odor when you turn taps on.

Dirty water can be fixed by having your business's drinking water system inspected to make sure the filters work and the system is properly cleansing water and purifying the liquid so you can drink it. You may also need plumbing repairs, so follow the advice of your drinking water system repair specialist to make your water safe for consumption.