3 Places That You Can Get Temp Work As A Lifeguard

If you're trained as a lifeguard, you'll appreciate several things about working in this role. Being around active people can always be encouraging, and whether you're working indoors or outdoors, knowing that your presence can improve peoples' safety and even save lives can help you to feel satisfied at the end of every shift. Lifeguards can often benefit from working in a variety of locations, so it's worthwhile to contact a number of organizations in your community to assess their needs for temporary employees. Here are three places that you can frequently obtain temp work as a lifeguard.

1. Aquatic Centers

Aquatic centers often have frequent needs for temp lifeguards, so this is a good place to start when you have the necessary qualifications. Many lifeguards are high school and college students, so they may work only seasonally. This can open the door to plenty of postings for lifeguards in these venues, which can often give you the ability to work as many shifts as you'd like. Aquatic centers usually have long hours, so whether you favor working a morning shift or you're more the type of person who enjoys working on evenings and weekends, you'll be able to find a work schedule that suits you.

2. Beaches

Campgrounds, city parks, and other recreational areas often have beaches, and while some of these beaches are unsupervised, many employ lifeguards. This temp work opportunity can be ideal because it's outdoors; if you favor the idea of sitting on a lifeguard chair out in the sun, rather than indoors, this job might be the right one for you. Because these areas frequently employ lifeguards only during certain hours during the day, you might be able to work an early morning shift at your local aquatic center, and then report to the beach for a shift later in the morning.

3. Schools

Lots of schools have swimming pools that their swim teams and gym classes use, and this can be another opportunity for you to work on a temporary basis. This work environment will be similar to the environment at a local aquatic center, although you'll sometimes find schools that have outdoor swimming pools. With the right approach to scheduling, it may be possible to work on an almost full-time basis, even as a temporary worker. This can especially be enticing if you're someone who thoroughly enjoys swimming and being around the water as a pastime.

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