Using Metal Detectable Pens In Your Business

Pens can be very routine tools for most workplaces. However, there are businesses that will have to contend with the risk of these pens becoming lost in the products that are being manufactured. To make it easier to find these pens, there are detectable pens that utilize metal so that you can scan for them in the products that you are making.

Recognize The Regulatory And Liability Needs For Detectable Pens

A business owner that is not familiar with the hazards that pens can pose will often neglect to see the importance of using detectable pens in their products. However, there can be regulatory requirements that mandate a business to use these pens to keep the risk of contamination or injury occurring as a result of these pens finding their way into the products that are being made. Furthermore, if a customer is injured due to a pen being present, your business could potentially be facing a significant lawsuit.

Determine Whether Refillable Detectable Pens Are A Suitable Option

Costs can be one of the reasons that a business owner may be hesitant about using detectable pens. This is especially true in settings where employees will need to frequently use these pens as this can lead to them running out of ink and needing to be replaced. Depending on the requirements for your business, you may be able to significantly reduce these costs by investing in purchasing refillable detectable pens. When these pens run out of ink, you can simply swap out the cartridge that is in them. While refillable pens may be slightly more costly in their initial purchase, the ability to use refill cartridges can save your business a substantial amount over the long term.

Order The Detectable Pens In Bulk And Properly Store Them

Another option for reducing the total costs of metal detectable pens can be buying them in bulk. This will allow your enterprise to take advantage of wholesale pricing for these essential tools. However, buying the pens in bulk will be less effective if you do not have suitable storage areas for them as they could degrade and dry out if they are exposed to excessively hot or moist settings. In addition to having a designated storage area for the metal detectable pens that you are needing, you may also want to arrange for an inventory of your pen supplies to be taken at regular intervals. This will avoid situations where your business runs out of these pens as this could lead to workers being more prone to using unsafe writing utensils for their daily tasks.