Protocols For Buying Used Commercial Freezers For A Restaurant

An effective way to reduce restaurant equipment costs on a commercial freezer is to buy used. Some of these models may still function great and not have a lot of structural damage. Finding said freezers is easy if you follow these protocols.

Review the Age Before Inspecting in Person

You'll want to thoroughly inspect used commercial freezers in person before making your selection, but searching online is a good first step because you can see which used commercial freezers are worth your time. Just make sure you focus on the age of these freezers in particular.

That's a better indication of what condition the used commercial freezers are in. For instance, freezers that are only a couple of years old probably will work and look better compared to commercial freezers that have been used for decades. Narrowing your freezer search in this way can help you make better equipment investments for your restaurant.

Ask About Restorations

Some used commercial freezers will go through restorations before they're put up on the marketplace. If that's the case for freezer models you end up looking at, then you need to ask the seller what type of restorations were performed to bring the freezer to the condition that it's now in.

Maybe the seller replaced all of the shelving, switched out door hinges, or just performed a thorough cleaning on the inside and out. Seeing what was done to restore a used commercial freezer gives you a better idea of what you're buying and potentially getting later.

Make Sure Automatic Closing Door Mechanisms are Included

Once you've verified the quality and condition of several used commercial freezers, you want to go through their features and spec lists. Then you can focus on freezers that are convenient to use long-term. One of the better features in this regard is an automatic closing door mechanism.

Even if you forget to shut the freezer's doors, mechanisms will activate the doors to close by themselves. What that does is keep the inside cool and saves you a lot on energy costs. Make sure this door feature is included with models you research and test out in person. 

Used stainless steel three-door commercial freezers are readily available for restaurant owners that want to save some money when getting this important equipment. You just need to verify quality and long-term use before ultimately making your decision. Then you'll be completely happy with this restaurant equipment investment.