Keys for Motorists Getting Temporary Tags from Dealerships

You don't automatically get your vehicle's tag after buying it from a dealership. There is a waiting period, and in the meantime, you can get a temporary tag from them. If you follow these protocols, getting this special tag won't prove troubling.

Make Sure the Tag Is Wrapped in Protective Materials

Where a lot of people get into trouble with their temporary tags is that they break down before the official tag arrives. You want to prevent this from happening so that you can show that your vehicle is properly registered with the state you live in.

In this case, protective materials like a case will prove helpful for keeping your temporary tag in good condition. Then it won't matter what elements the tag comes in contact with. It will hold up long enough until you get the official tag in the mail.

Verify All Relevant Information Is Included

In order for a temporary tag to be useful on your vehicle after getting it from a dealership, it needs to contain relevant information. That includes information about the specific vehicle you bought, when the temp tag expires, and information about the dealership.

Make sure all of these details are included with the temporary tag that you'll receive from the dealership and then make sure everything is visible. If it's not, you can request a new temporary tag and then have no issues driving this vehicle in a legal way until you receive the real tag.

Bring the Correct Documents

In order to get this temporary tag from a dealership, you'll need a couple of important forms. You should expect to provide things like multiple forms of identification, such as your personal ID and documents showing your name and address.

You'll also probably need proof of insurance, a certificate of title, and a valid driver's license. Make sure you get all of these things in order before heading to a dealership to purchase a vehicle and subsequently get a temporary tag before driving off the lot. You can talk to the dealership in advance as well to see if there are additional documents you need.

An important part of the car-buying process from any dealership is getting temp tags before leaving. They will help you avoid legal trouble. You just need to follow certain protocols when getting them, whether it's for a brand-new car or a used truck. Take your time so that this aspect goes smoothly.