Research Peptides And Drug Store Peptides: A Comparison

You may have recently seen a boom in the health supplement market regarding peptides. They claim to do everything from build muscle to regulate the body's nervous system more efficiently. While natural peptides in the body do have these specific jobs, it is not really certain if lab-created peptides for human consumption accomplish the same thing. Furthermore, this topic is often confused with research peptides. John Q. Public ends up thinking that all peptides are the same, but are they really? Here is the 411 on peptides as a supplement versus research peptides and why anyone would buy either type. 

Research Peptides Are NOT the Same

Research peptides have undergone a series of processes that would not make them safe for human consumption. However, it does make them extremely safe and very effective for the purposes intended in a research lab. It is very important that the peptides used in a lab will act as researchers would expect each kind of peptide to react, since the drugs and chemicals the researchers are testing may adversely affect people or animals. The researchers want the purest of data so that they can figure out how to manufacture drugs and chemicals that will not have a negative impact on humans and animals. These are completely different from the peptides you can buy at a health food and vitamin supplement store. 

Peptides as Supplements

Peptides as supplements are basic ingredients, such as hoof gelatin, which can increase the efficacy of the added biotin and vitamins for nail and hair growth. These peptides are not the complex peptides used in labs at all. They have been taken from both natural and man-made ingredients to create a product that is completely safe for human consumption and have the potential results to satisfy the health claims made on the bottles. If you are looking to accomplish a particular health goal, such as the restoration of a full head of hair or lactic acid removal post-strenuous workout, these peptides are safe enough for you to consume and they may work with varying results. It is that varying results factor that makes these peptides unsuitable for laboratory research and use. 

Why Buy Research Peptides or Peptides for Human Consumption

Research labs need research peptides for their ongoing research for new medications and new chemicals. It is unlikely that the everyday person is going to buy research peptides because they cannot use them. Humans looking for natural health solutions and supplements to make themselves look and feel better should buy peptides certified as a consumable supplement.