7 Features You Need In Your Metal Detecable Food Pens

If you run a food processing or manufacturing plant, you may regularly mark your food with notes, expiration dates, or other details. For best results, you may want to use a metal detectable pen. To ensure you pick the best pen for the job, consider looking for the following essential traits.

1. Features a Refillable Design

Once you find the right metal detectable pen, you want to be able to use it for as long as possible, and a refillable design ensures that can happen. Additionally, if you are committed to eco-friendly decisions in your business, refillable pens help to reduce the amount of materials you send to the landfill.

2. Works in Wide Variety of Temperatures

Food production and manufacturing facilities have a range of different temperatures. Areas around equipment may be warm and toasty, while spaces in walk-in fridges or freezers can be very cold. To ensure you can use your metal detectable pens anywhere in your facility, you need to look for a pen that can work in a variety of different temperatures.

3. Operates in Wet and Greasy Conditions

Similarly, you also need a metal detectable pen that can work in wet and greasy conditions. Some pens allow moisture to seep up and around the ball of the pen, slowing down the pen's progress and reducing the amount of ink that can flow out of the pen. The right pen helps to ensure you can write through food grease, condensation droplets, and other kinds of moist areas.

4. Writes Upside Down

In a lot of cases, you may just be standing next to a production table or a conveyor belt, and you may be able to easily write while holding the pen so that the ink flows downward. But what if you also need to write on something that is hanging from the ceiling or on a tall shelf. To make that possible, you need a pen that can work while upside down, vertical, and all angles in between.

5. Boasts an Ergonomic Handle

Take some time to look at the shape of the pen. If possible, you may even want to hold the pen before purchasing it. Ideally, you want a comfortable grip and shape.

6. Can Be Branded

As you're using the pen in your business, you may want to label it with your company name and logo. Look for pen manufacturers that offer this perk.

7. Connects to Retractable Lanyard

Finally, you should look for a design that allows you to attach the pen to a retractable lanyard. Then, you and your employees can carry the pen anywhere, and you can simply pull it out as needed for use.

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