Provide Your Workforce With Identification Cards And Accessories

Giving tours to customers and new hires, hosting holiday events for your staff members, and delegating tasks to the manager of each department in your business are just some of the responsibilities you may have been given. One way to keep up with the influx of traffic inside of your business is by providing everyone with identification cards and accessories.

Choose PVC Or Composite Cards

PVC plastic is widely used to construct identification cards. The thickness of the cards can be determined prior to the printing process. Afterward, laminate is used to seal the plastic with a waterproof layer. Although PVC is popular, you may be more interested in composite cards. Cards use a blend of two different types of plastic, which increases the flexibility of finished products.

If cards need to be manipulated when placing them inside of holders or removing them so that they can be secured to a different accessory, flexibility is essential, making composite cards a better choice than standard PVC.

Determine How Cards Will Be Secured

There are several ways to clip a card to clothing or to an accessory that can be worn around one's neck. Metal or plastic clips, magnetic connectors, fabric or plastic cords, or lanyards are some accessories that can be purchased with the identification cards that you order. If you choose a strap clip for each card, choose fabric or plastic pieces that have your company's logo printed on them.

If your workers are not required to show their identification very often, besides during formal occasions that involve meeting with sales staff from other locations, then choose lanyards for your employees. Each employee can secure their card to their lanyard and hang the duo from a hook so that losing a card doesn't occur.

Create Your Cards

If your company has designed a directory that contains photographs of your workers, use a copy of each photograph for one of the identification cards. Otherwise, new photos will need to be taken if you prefer to have both typed and visual identifying methods printed on each card.

If photos aren't going to be used, work with an ID card service to choose a layout for each card that contains the name of your company, the physical address of the entity, the name of each employee, and the department that their desk or workstation is located in. Place your card order with a company that mass produces identification cards and provides a variety of holders and additional accessories so that all of your identification requirements can be taken care of with a single order.