7 Features You Need In Your Metal Detecable Food Pens

If you run a food processing or manufacturing plant, you may regularly mark your food with notes, expiration dates, or other details. For best results, you may want to use a metal detectable pen. To ensure you pick the best pen for the job, consider looking for the following essential traits. 1. Features a Refillable Design Once you find the right metal detectable pen, you want to be able to use it for as long as possible, and a refillable design ensures that can happen. Read More 

What To Consider When You Want To Set Up Your Own CBD Store

If you have the desire to set up a CBD store, you are going to want to make sure that you are proceeding with caution. This is not because it is not a great business idea, but because there are a lot of variances of CBD and different laws that differ from state to state. Here are a few of the things that you will need to take into consideration: Read More 

Why You Should Include A Non-Competition Agreement When You Sell Your Business

When you're trying to sell your business, there are a number of things that you want to do to make this entity more appealing to prospective buyers. Even though you shouldn't necessarily be in a rush to sell, you likely want to complete the transaction in a timely manner. One smart move is to include a non-competition agreement — which any business attorney can draft up for you — with the sale of your business. Read More 

3 Great Reasons To Wear A Watch

Most people nowadays keep track of the time by checking their cellphone. Despite the fact 95% of Americans have a cellphone, there are some of them who prefer to keep track of time by wearing a watch. Besides knowing what time it is, however, there are other reasons to wear this handy device around your wrist. Here are three great reasons to wear a watch.  1. You Don't Like Carrying Your Phone Around Read More 

3 Places That You Can Get Temp Work As A Lifeguard

If you're trained as a lifeguard, you'll appreciate several things about working in this role. Being around active people can always be encouraging, and whether you're working indoors or outdoors, knowing that your presence can improve peoples' safety and even save lives can help you to feel satisfied at the end of every shift. Lifeguards can often benefit from working in a variety of locations, so it's worthwhile to contact a number of organizations in your community to assess their needs for temporary employees. Read More