5 Common Commercial Generator Problems

As a business owner, you know how vital your commercial generator is during a power outage. Without it, any electrical issues will render all critical systems and machinery that rely on electric power useless and, consecutively, cripple all operations. That is why you need to have a functional commercial generator on standby at all times. But what happens when your commercial generator starts misbehaving due to technical problems? Well, the sections below will introduce you to common issues likely to make your equipment faulty and recommend the best solution.

Common Commercial Generator Problems

Commercial generators often fall victim to the following issues:

1.    Fluid leaks

Generators sometimes leak essential fluids like coolant, oil, or fuel. Fuel leaks in generators often result from damaged carburetor bowl gaskets, faulty fuel lines, or a damaged tank. On the other hand, worn-out block heater hoses can lead to coolant leaks. And, since some generators vibrate strongly, components can come loose and cause leaking oil gaskets.

2.    Overheating

If your generator has low coolant levels or can't circulate coolant properly, it will overheat. Accumulated grime on the generator's exterior can also cause this problem because it interferes with heat dissipation. Furthermore, if the generator happens to have a faulty cooling fan, overheating is imminent.

3.    Empty tank

At times, your team may be so busy they forget to regularly check the fuel level in the generator. And, whereas running dry is bound to happen at some point, it's essential to avoid it since it can affect essential activities. If your generator starts depleting fuel too fast, get a professional to examine it for leaks. And, since most generators give out a warning when fuel is low, if yours constantly runs out unexpectedly, call an expert to check the fuel gauges.

4.    Battery failure

Dead batteries are a common issue in generators. Once a generator battery has exceeded the lifespan recommended by a manufacturer, it will need replacement. Failure to replace it will only leave a dead battery in your hands. However, if your battery is still far from expiration and acting up, the terminals and connections may have problems.

5.    Clogged air filters

Generators need air filters to ensure the air drawn into the cylinders is free from dust and impurities. If the air filter is clogged, it will lead to inadequate airflow and, eventually, power loss. Besides, poor filtration damages components like cylinders and pistons and leads to increased fuel consumption.

Get Professional Generator Repair Services

All the problems outlined above will make your commercial generator inefficient and slow down your business's operations. To prevent that from happening, you need professional generator maintenance and repair services. Only trained experts can maintain high standards and use the quality parts to fix your commercial generator. Plus, during an inspection, they can single out potential problems and fix them before they escalate. Reach out to regularly generator repair services whenever you experience any of the outlined issues with your generator. 

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