Options To Give Your Commercial Floors An Attractive Finish With Concrete Coatings

If you have a commercial business with concrete surfaces instead of finished floors, it may be time to have them coated. Today, the concrete coatings that can be used to finish these surfaces can make them look more like custom floors. They can also provide practical solutions for things like safety and signage. The following concrete coating solutions will give your commercial floors an attractive finish:

Elegant Floor Designs With Acid Staining

The unfinished concrete in your business can be changed with acid staining. Modern acid staining techniques can be used to create durable and elegant floor designs for your commercial business. If you want to make the floors look like solid stone, the acid staining materials can be used to create a marbling effect on the surface of the concrete. The stains can also be combined with stenciling to create artistic tile-like patterns to enhance the appearance of the floors in your business. A clear epoxy concrete coating is then applied to the stained floors to give them a durable final finish.

Epoxy Coatings With Attractive Coloring

There are also options for colored epoxy coatings that can be used for your floors. There are a lot of different solutions that can be used to create an attractive epoxy coating. These can be colorful coatings that hide the imperfections of large commercial concrete surfaces. They can also provide practical solutions for safety with textures that are added to the coatings. These textured surfaces make the floors in your business slip-resistant to make them safer. These textured floor coatings can also be attractive and include custom designs for the needs of a commercial business.

Using Concrete Coatings for Branding

Another option for the coatings that are applied to the floors is branding. This can easily be done with special epoxy coatings that can be used to create designs like logos and business branding on your commercial floors. This can include colors that are associated with your logo and the branding of your business. These colors can also be used for lettering and signage integrated into your new floors' surface. This is an affordable way to integrate the brand of your business into new custom floors. It can also be used for other features like guides for warehouse areas and more.

The coatings for your floors can completely change the look of your business. Contact a concrete floor coating service to discuss updating your business with these solutions.