Tips for Buying Bulk Hand Sanitizer Gel

If you're trying to do what's right for your business, you need to maintain all health and safety standards. With everyone taking measures to avoid the spread of the virus, it's important that you keep your building stocked with hand sanitizer. While the COVID-19 virus is spreading rapidly and wrecking a lot of people's health, one of the most effective ways to kill it is to thoroughly wash your hands. By having lots of hand sanitizer at your disposal, you'll be doing your part and avoiding any health-related setbacks to your business. 

Consider these points and shop with hand sanitizer suppliers that can assist you. 

Read the ingredients and instructions to know what type of hand sanitizer you are purchasing

If you are going to buy hand sanitizer in bulk, you need to read the ingredients and content percentages to make certain that you're killing bacteria with it. You'll want your hand sanitizer to have at least 60% to 70% alcohol content. With more attentiveness paid right now to handwashing, you can expect to run through more sanitizer than you otherwise would have. Keep this in mind when it comes time to purchase in bulk. 

Find the right brand for your needs and figure out which type you want to buy. You'll need to consider how much your dispensers hold and what this means in terms of how much you need on a weekly and monthly basis. 

Keep up with your dispensers and install them in especially high traffic areas

Take the time to install dispensers that make it easy to distribute your hand sanitizer. Be particularly mindful to install dispensers that work well in areas of high concentration and traffic -- such as outside of bathrooms, by water coolers, and in eating areas. A few squirts of hand sanitizer is much quicker and easier than spending the full recommended 30 seconds of washing your hands in a sink. You'll get the same effectiveness, without having to use as much water. 

Stay up to date with health news and post information regularly. It makes sense to purchase signage related to COVID-19 updates so that you can keep people informed. Hang these by the hand sanitizer stations and keep promoting health and safety information to the public. This way, everyone can do their part in flattening the curve and remaining healthy in general. 

Consider these tips and start shopping for some bulk hand sanitizer gel