Need To Order Vinyl Banners For Your Business? Use These Tips!

If you need to order some vinyl banners for your business, then it's important to consider many aspects of the transaction. While the price of the signs is obviously one main consideration, it should not be the only thing you use to make your selection when ordering online!

Instead, use all of these tips to ensure you will receive banners that work well for your business and that you will be proud to hang in your corporate space:

Tip: Design Signs to be Placed in Areas They Will be Seen from Multiple Angles

For vinyl banners to be effective at portraying your message, they need to be as visible as possible. After all, the more customers who see your sign, then potentially the more people who will take the action you are trying to convey with it. 

For example, if you will be hanging a "liquidation sale" banner in the front window of your business, then you want it to be as large as possible and seen by the driver of every car that passes by. For the sign to be seen from multiple angles, it needs to be as large as possible.

Tip: Use Only One or Two Words to Convey Your Message

When you design your custom vinyl banners, make sure you use the fewest number of words necessary to get your message across. 

Using the example above, it's not necessary to tell people you are liquidating your stock to make room for next year's models. Passersby simply need to see you are having a liquidation sale. You can always give customers who attend your sale further information with other signage. However, you need the big vinyl banners to send out a quick and clear message to people driving by because they will likely only give the signs a quick glance.

Tip: Create Your Signs with Bright-Colored Vinyl and Highly-Contrasting Text or Images

Since you want the vinyl banners to draw peoples' eyes to them, they need to be made of bright-colored vinyl fabric. If you will be hanging the banners in the front window of your store, then they should be a color that contrasts everything else. For example, if the front of your store is painted yellow, then the banners should be bright red or pink.

Lastly, make sure any text or images you have printed on the banners are done in a highly-contrasting color to the banners themselves so they will stand out.