What Positions Fall Under General Laborer Jobs In Your Construction Business?

In the average construction business operation, you will find many employees working as general laborers. In a sense, general labor is an umbrella term that covers multiple types of jobs within different industries. If you are working with a staffing agency to get general laborers to fill your open positions, it is a good idea to get familiar with which positions you have in your operation that would be considered general labor jobs. Here is a look at a few of those positions to give you a better idea of what types of candidates you will need for your business. 

Materials Unloader or Handler 

General laborers are often deemed as manual laborers because they primarily rely on their own bodies to do whatever work needs to be done. There is no better example of manual labor on a construction site than the work involved in loading or unloading materials or supplies. Whether it is unloading a delivery truck loaded down with supplies or loading stuff onto a platform to be hoisted to an upper story with a crane, these jobs involve physical strength and fitness and not really any special skills, training, or knowledge. Therefore, the people who you need to fill these positions won't need any special education or expertise. 

Job Site Cleaning Crew Member 

Those people that you must rely on to keep a job site clean throughout the construction serve a truly important purpose, but they do not necessarily have to have any special skills to do these jobs. You can hire a few general laborers and easily train them to use physical actions to pick up trash, sweep off concrete, or hose down soiled areas with water, and just about any other cleaning process. Even though these positions really do need to be filled, the tasks associated fall under the category of general labor. 

General Building Assistant 

The general building assistant acts as a crew member who assists in primary building processes. These individuals may not use industry equipment that requires special training, but they will likely use general hand tools that most people can learn how to use in no time at all. For example, the building assistant may be tasked with using a nail gun to secure boards or using a drill to secure screws in place. General laborers fall into this job category well in construction because they are typically physically capable of doing so.