When Your Hotel Becomes A Crime Scene: What To Do Next

Hotels do their best to ensure the safety and well-being of every guest. However, that does not mean that you will not have a seedy character or two passing through. When one or more of those characters create a crime scene in your hotel, you have no choice but to report the matter to the police. Here is what will happen next. 

If Drugs Are Involved, They Will Be Confiscated

If drugs are involved, the police will confiscate them after taking photos of the evidence where they find it. Your housekeeping employees will not be required to clean up any needles or surfaces where drug powders or liquids are laying. The forensics team that collects evidence will collect most, if not all of this, and they will wipe up most of the residues they find. 

If It Involves a Homicide, Suicide, or Brutal Physical Attack, Some of the Evidence May Be Left Behind

Anything involving a death or near-fatality will likely leave behind a lot of blood evidence. This room will be roped off with police tape until the investigation into the matter is complete. Photos are taken, evidence samples collected, and anything else connected to the person or persons that were staying in this room of your hotel goes with the police. When the police tell you that you can finally clean the room, then you and your housekeeping staff may enter and determine what you will do next. It may just end up being too much for your staff to handle. If that is the case, you do have another option.

Regardless of the Crime, You Can Hire Crime Scene Cleanup Services

This particular service is a group of specialists who will come in, detoxify the room of drugs and drug residues, scrub blood, excrement, and bodily fluids off of walls and furniture, and remove blood-stained or blood-soaked mattresses from the room and replace them with clean, fresh mattresses. If the police did not collect bed linens for the purpose of evidence (which would be highly unusual), you can choose to wash and process those sheets just as you would any other linens in the hotel. You can also request that the cleanup service remove and destroy the linens. If there are bullet holes in walls, the cleanup crew can patch these up and paint over them. Lastly, any and all broken glass and damaged appliances or glass items are cleared away and replaced. 

For more information, contact a crime scene cleanup crew