Medical Marijuana Edibles 101: What You Need To Know

With medical marijuana becoming more widespread, many users are opting for edibles instead of smoking. Whether you are just trying to avoid the stigma of smoking weed or you just prefer something a bit more discreet, choosing edibles is a great way to go. However, it is a totally different consumption method than smoking, and the body's response to it is different as well. If you're new to edibles, even if you've been smoking marijuana for some time, there are some things you should know to avoid some common mistakes. Here are a few tips for every first-time edibles user.

Marijuana Is More Potent In Edibles

When it's incorporated into foods, marijuana is more potent than it would be if you smoked it. As a result, it doesn't take as much to get the same effect as you would with smoking. When you consume marijuana in edibles, the THC in the marijuana is processed differently by the body. When it reaches the liver, that processing actually makes it longer-lasting and more effective than marijuana that's processed in the lungs.

However, because that digestive process takes longer, up to a few hours in some cases, people sometimes make the mistake of thinking that they must not have consumed enough. As a result, they eat more. Then they find themselves in the midst of the effects of the first dose when the second one kicks in, and it's overwhelming at best.

The first time you try marijuana edibles, you should wait a couple of hours before you decide that the dose didn't work. That gives your body plenty of time to process it and allows you to assess the potency properly.

Always Read The Labels Before You Buy

When you're buying edibles from a medical marijuana dispensary, you'll find that all of the products are carefully labeled. That's because they come from providers that are working directly with the dispensary.

The label will give you a lot of important information. For example, it will tell you who manufactured the edibles. It will also tell you the THC and CBD concentrations in the product. THC is the psychoactive chemical, and that's the one that you want to pay the most attention to. Every supplier to a marijuana dispensary has to lab test their products for potency, and these labels can be considered reasonably accurate, though the concentrations may vary slightly from strain to strain and batch to batch.

Look for something that is around five milligrams of THC as a starter dose if your doctor didn't give you a recommended dose to start with. That's a reasonable enough dose for you to test how the THC will react with your body and will let you evaluate the dosing and how accurate it will be for your needs.

You Won't Overdose

One important thing to remember the first time you try your medical marijuana edibles is that marijuana is safe. You cannot overdose on it. Even if you inadvertently take too much, you may notice your heart racing, your hands shaking, or your palms sweating, but it will not cause any serious medical concerns. Just sit down, relax, and wait as the effects taper off. You can also ease the effects of it by drinking some water or eating a snack. These things will help to ease your body's reaction to the THC in the edibles.

Medical marijuana edibles come in many forms, including baked goods and gummy treats. Talk with your doctor about your dosage when you get your medical marijuana card, then choose the edibles that are the best fit for your needs.