Tips To Prevent Customer Complaints About Water In Your Restaurant

In your restaurant, you might serve a lot of water to your patrons. If you're concerned about getting complaints about the water that you serve, consider these tips for cutting down on complaints and keeping customers happy.

Offer it for Free 

In the past, many restaurants have offered water to their customers for free. There are some restaurants that charge for tap water, but you might want to avoid doing so. Many customers who are accustomed to being able to order tap water for free might not be too happy about having to pay for water, even if it's only a nominal charge. Even though you obviously have to charge for different things to make a profit in your restaurant, finding a way to offer water for free is a good way to provide your customers with a nice perk.

Ask Customers How They Would Prefer to Have it Served

Next, you should think about how your customers might want their water to be served. Consider asking and doing your best to provide them with what they want. For example, some customers might like having lemon served in their water, while others might want lemon slices on the side. Some might not like the idea of having lemon slices in their water glasses at all. Training your waitstaff and other employees to inquire about how your customers would prefer to have their water served is a good way to keep your customers happy and prevent complaints.

Use a Water Treatment System

Lastly, you might be worried about complaints about the quality of the water that you serve in your restaurant. For example, you could be concerned that some of your customers might not like the way that it tastes or that they might be concerned about whether or not the water is safe for them to drink. One way to prevent these complaints is to have a water treatment system installed in your place of business. 

This will help you make sure that all of the water that you serve to your customers is treated. Then, the water will be fresh and clean, and it should not have an unpleasant taste. Plus, in addition to improving the water that you serve to your customers, you can improve the quality of any beverages that are made with the water -- such as lemonade, tea, or coffee -- and any foods that you make in your restaurant.