3 Key Considerations When Investing In Body Armor

As the threat of being involved in a public shooting increases, many people are interested in protecting themselves with body armor. Soft body armor can provide a comfortable and flexible fit that will offer protection against the penetration of most ammunition rounds.

Body armor can be a costly investment, but if you secure the right armor to meet your needs, then your investment will pay off. Consider these three key elements before investing in body armor for yourself or a family member in the future.

1. The level of protection you need.

Body armor comes in a variety of protection levels. Each type of armor is tested against multiple bullets, and a protection rating is issued. You must carefully determine the level of protection that you need to avoid investing in body armor with high levels of protection that might add to the cost of the armor itself.

You can select from body armor made to withstand handgun rounds, body armor that is capable of resisting penetration from an AR-15, and body armor that falls anywhere between the two. Consider your immediate threats and use them as a basis for determining the level of protection that your body armor must provide.

2. Your desire to conceal your body armor.

Some people want to be able to wear body armor on a daily basis without drawing attention to themselves. These individuals can benefit from a soft body armor that can easily be concealed.

Body armor that is meant to go undetected is typically made from a thinner material that can be hidden underneath regular clothing. Be sure to try on each piece of body armor you are considering with your regular clothing to find the firearm protection that meets your need to keep your body armor concealed.

3. The comfort level of your body armor.

If you plan to wear your body armor on a daily basis, you want the armor to be lightweight and comfortable. Your body armor must fit snugly against your body. Loose body armor cannot offer the same level of protection as pieces with a snug fit- especially when dealing with soft body armor.

Soft body armor tends to be lighter than hard body armor, allowing you to wear more pieces of armor without sacrificing comfort. Try on all pieces of body armor at the same time to ensure that you will be able to comfortably wear your protection devices simultaneously without sacrificing your mobility.

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