Old Military Jeep Restoration

Did you purchase an old military model jeep that doesn't work with the hopes of restoring it to a satisfactory condition? If you expect to drive the jeep, it is important to figure out what is causing it to not work. Consider running a computer diagnostics test on the jeep before venturing out to buy parts to begin the restoration process. You have the option of buying your own diagnostics tool so it can be used in the event that problems occur in the future, or can simply hire a mechanic to perform the task. Take a look at the information in the remainder of this article for a general idea of what you might need to restore your jeep.

A New Engine or Starter Might Be Needed

When a vehicle doesn't start up, it might be due to the engine being too old or damaged. Do you hear any noise when the ignition is turned? If not, you are either dealing with a starter or engine problem, but it is wise to give the starter attention first. The reason why is because the repair expenses will be less expensive if the starter is the cause of your jeep not starting up. Be sure to visit a dealer that sells parts for the model of jeep that you are restoring, especially due to it being old and possibly needing rare parts.

Determine if the Transmission & Gears Work

If you are dealing with a jeep that starts up but doesn't move, find out if the transmission is damaged. The engine is important for the vehicle to start, along with the starter, but the transmission is responsible for movement to actually take place. However, a lack of movement can also point to a gear problem, which is powered by the transmission. No movement in any direction can mean that all of the gears have stopped functioning and need to be replaced. In the worst case scenario, you will need a new transmission installed in the jeep.

Give the Battery a Thorough Examination

Sometimes it seems as though there is a major reason as to why a vehicle will not start. However, the problem can be as minor as the battery being in bad shape. Examine the battery in your jeep to determine if it is damaged, such as by looking for bulging and rusty terminals. Replacing the battery is a repair that should be affordable and will not require a large amount of labor.

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