Reap The Rewards Of Heating Your Swimming Pool With Propane

If you've chosen this year to install a swimming pool in your yard, there will be many decisions to make. Choosing the size, shape, and depth of the pool will be topics that you'll want to carefully evaluate, but you should also give some thought to how you'll heat it. There are several different ways that you can heat a swimming pool to a temperature that you and your family will find comfortable, including propane. Should you opt for propane, you can contact a propane delivery company that will set up a tank in your yard and connect it to the pool heater. Here are some benefits that you'll experience with this choice.

No Spike In Your Electricity Bill

Homeowners who choose to heat their swimming pools with electric heat will often be startled by how much their electricity bill climbs during the summer months. This is especially true if you're experiencing a cooler summer and need to run the pool heater more frequently. The rate that you'll pay to fill your propane tank varies, but this source of energy is often less expensive than electric heat. This means that despite the addition of a regular propane bill, you'll be spending less on your overall utilities than if you were to heat the pool with electric heat.

Fewer Headaches Than Other Methods

Some frugal pool owners will sometimes use methods such as solar covers to heat their pools. Doing so provides a cost-effective way to warm the temperature of the water, but this method is also one that can be a hassle. For example, stretching the cover over the water and then rolling it back up can take several minutes, and you might frequently find yourself worrying about the weather. For example, if there isn't enough sun in the forecast in the days leading up to your pool party, you might not be able to boost the temperature of the water as much as you'd like. With propane, you simply set the heater to your desired level and don't have to fret about anything.

No Interruptions

Whenever you use electricity to power anything in or outside your home, there's a risk of power interruptions. Storms and other occurrences can cause power outages that last hours or even days, in some cases. This is an issue for those who heat their swimming pools with electricity, because a power outage can cause the water temperature to drop dramatically — meaning that when the power comes back on, you need to run the heater extensively to raise the water back to your desired temperature. Propane is an ideal heating source because interruptions are unlikely.

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