Three Signs of Foundation Problems

Your home's foundation is the most important part of your property that you likely pay very little mind to. A foundation that sits properly is not something to think about, because it really doesn't have an impact on your everyday life. However, as soon as your foundation begins to experience structural issues, it can cause massive disruptions for the rest of your home, including severe structural damage. Understanding some of the warning signs associated with foundation damage can help you determine when you should talk to a contractor about inspecting your foundation and any potential repair efforts.

Water Damage

One of the first signs associated with foundation damage in your home is the presence of water or water damage in your basement. Cracks in the foundation provide a pathway for water and moisture to enter your home, especially after periods of heavy rainfall or melting snow. Since water is able to flow through even the smallest of openings, minuscule cracks that do not seem to represent a serious structural issue are still a cause for concern. Water that is able to get inside a crack can freeze and widen the crack in the future. Catching signs of water damage early, and patching those cracks as soon as possible, can help prevent the problem from compounding itself in the future.

Damaged Siding, Crown Molding, and Walls

Another thing that you should watch out for that can indicate that your foundation is experiencing structural issues is the presence of cracks throughout your property. If you have masonry siding, you may notice that cracks can begin to emerge that split parts of your siding in two. Similar cracks can appear inside your home along the crown moldings, or along the tops and bottoms of your walls—especially in corners. All of these cracks point to significant shifts in the foundation of your home, which means that parts of your house are physically pulling or twisting away from one another.

Door and Window Issues

Finally, one of the most serious signs of foundation problems in your home is if you have a chronic problem opening and closing your doors and windows. A foundation that has cracked and split and is physically separating will cause your door and window frames to sit unevenly. This will make it much harder for you to open and close your doors and windows, as their frames will no longer match the shape of the door or the window that they are supporting.

For information, contact a foundation repair service.